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Private Butler For Hotels

« The greatest luxury for your customers is time, and Home Serenity can help them make the most of that »

Today, delivering a personalized service is probably the main competitive advantage for a hotel.

Precise knowledge of a guest’s habits and preferences, empathy, personalized attention and care will make your guests feel valued, welcome and a distinguished guest in your hotel.

service buttler london

We will look after your guest from arrival to departure.

As a representative of your hotel, we will be the unique point of contact for your client, working in partnership with all the services within your establishment, allowing your employees to save time while providing a perfect service to your guests.

Discretion and privacy are very important to most guests, which is why we operate with reliable professionalism and utmost confidentiality.

Benefits of a private Butler Service

For the management team :

- Unique added value to your product
- Flexibility and availability of a person entirely at the hotel’s service and at your guest’s service
- Fewer employment costs with a highly trained service provider, working within your hotel on an ad hoc freelance basis
- Simplified communication between services
- Billable service
- Provision of a unique and personalised service
- Greater customer loyalty

For your guest:

- One point of contact available anytime for anything
- All requests granted and needs met
- Tailored service

As multi-skilled professionals trained to assist all services within the hotel, we would not be tied to any one service but would have only one goal in mind, which is your guest’s satisfaction.

With an effective reporting procedure in place, we would become the eyes and ears of senior management, thus ensuring that management can monitor guest satisfaction throughout the stay; any problems could be resolved immediately while the guests are in the hotel.

As we know that each guest is unique, please do not hesitate to contact us for a personalised program which will be tailor made for you and your guest.